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Can A Scratched Record Damage a Stylus?


A deep scratch can creator the record to skip. Repairing a deep scratched record damage, a stylus will secure the record and it will play over the scratch and continue without skipping.

Vinyl records are treasures to enjoy, but one must treat them with care as they are very fragile and easily damaged. Record scratches won’t hurt your stylus. Diamonds are stronger than plastic. The worst danger to styli is DIRT in the grooves.

The repair is required enormous patience and should be done when you can devote plenty of time. Dirt and static electricity may be starting good records to sound scratchy.

Recording with a scratch harms the stylus will cause your records to sound bad or sound scratchy.  there are some steps of repair scratched record the following:

Step 1

damage_vinilYou can put the newspaper down on a work surface. Put the bowl down on the newspaper. You can use the measuring cup to put 3 ounces of distilled de-ionized water into the bowl. Use the measuring cup to add 1 ounce of isopropyl alcohol to the bowl.

Sprinkle a few drops from the bottle of photographic wetting agent into the bowl. Stir the mixture with the plastic spoon.

Step 2vinil_ptotector

You are taking a dip the record cleaning brush into the bowl and saturate the brush. You can hold the record over the newspaper with the scratch facing up. Swipe the record cleaning brush will over the scratch from the top of the scratch to the bottom.

This is following the direction of the grooves in the record. Dip the brush in the bowl and saturate it again. Apply the brush to record with a scratch spoils the player in the same manner.

Step 3

Rinse out the measuring cup with tap water. Fill the measuring cup with distilled de-ionized water. You can hold the vinyl record over the bowl with the scratch facing up. Pour the distilled de-ionized water from the measuring cup onto the scratch.

Step 4

Dry the vinyl record is using a cotton cloth, wiping in a swirling motion starting at the outer edge and moving to the inner edge. You can wipe the rim of the vinyl record with the cotton cloth.

Step 5

You can put the record into a dish rack and so it can air dry vertically. Play the record after it has thoroughly dried and watched the tonearm move over the scratched area without skipping.