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Is It OK to Clean Vinyl Records with Alcohol?


The vinyl community is around the use of alcohol to clean vinyl records. Isopropyl alcohol is one of the very popular with many collectors as a key ingredient in homemade record cleaning solutions.

But is it safe? Some collectors are othering warn of potential hazards. It is helping shed some light on the topic, we have done a little further digging. Many cleaning product manufacturers error on the side of caution when considering alcohol as a record cleaning ingredient.

Cleaning solution with alcohol

Record cleaners are concerning s about isopropyl alcohol and these are also shared by the manufacturers behind the popular Disc Doctor.

Is alcohol is dissolving shellac surfaces and causes the leaching of plasticizers from synthetic plastic pressings making them brittle and subject to excess wear.

They are not ruled out alcohol entirely and but it is adding Methyl alcohol. This should also be avoided. It is indentured ethyl alcohol concentrations must be kept to a minimum.

Characteristics of Cleaning

vinyl records cleaners are containing a small amount of alcohol. The alcohol version is used dries a little slower than ISO, with almost the same solvent and miscibility characteristics.

The first concern with a cleaning solution is using alcohol to clean vinyl records. You can be cleaning a delicate hard surface, like a vinyl record or shellac finished wood table, with a high alcohol glass cleaner. But you may be destroying the object in the process.

It is despite concern from many record cleaning manufacturers, there are plenty of advocates for the use of ISO alcohol. One commentator from record-cleaner is writing with conviction, claiming that isopropyl alcohol is safe.cleaning_vinyl

Nearly all records are made from Vinyl which has excellent solvent resistant properties. This is one of the chances of isopropanol in any dilution causing a reaction and it is theoretically impossible.

Vinyl factory official websites are slightly more positive on ISO alcohol’s ability to clean but deliver a more scathing opinion when it comes to the harsh effects of isopropyl alcohol.

Record cleaning solution with alcohol strips away much of the rubbish and gunge from grooves. But it is also removing the protective coating and it resting on the groove walls/floor. Once the essential protective layer is gone, music sounds harsh and brittle.

Clean vinyl records with alcohol in low concentration to total volume, appears to be safe to use on vinyl records. But it is very popular with DIY record cleaning and fluid makers. Some of the recipes have pretty scary.